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When many people call a carpet cleaning service provider, they want to know if the carpet cleaner will be able to come when they need them, and they want an idea of how much the cleaning will cost. It's important to know that this initial price, whether advertised or told to you over the phone, is an estimate and may be subject to change based on the size of the rooms, condition of the carpet, and the professional carpet cleaning methods required to clean it.

About Carpet Cleaning Estimates

Carpet cleaning is a non regulated industry, which means there are no laws regarding what a carpet cleaning estimate must include. UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa wants you to know what to expect from carpet cleaner hire.

When you want to figure out what is included in your estimate, here are some factors to consider:

  • Estimates are usually based on a per room price or a price per square foot. If your estimate is based on a specific number of rooms, be sure to check how the provider defines a room (there is usually a maximum number of square feet per room).
  • Personnel hours should be included. Don't be embarrassed to ask if tipping is expected.
  • Cleaning method is another important factor when it comes to carpet cleaning estimates. Some methods are more costly to carry out than others. Make sure the method that you want (extraction using truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment, steam cleaning, dry cleaning using the latest microencapsulated polymers or off-site hand washing, for example).
  • For rug cleaning offsite, the cost of transporting your rug should be included in the estimate - if you've been told it's a free service, make sure you have it in writing.
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning treatments (pre-cleaning, post-cleaning, protective, etc) and special services such as pet odor removal and stain removal all come with a price attached.
  • Any costs associated with bonded staff, insurance, fuel, and cleaning materials should all be included in the estimate.

High estimates might include treatments you're not interested in; low estimates are likely not to include treatments that you are going to want. Avoid surprises on cleaning day by preordering any required treatments.

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