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There's nothing like a smooth new finish to improve the appearance of your hardwood floor. And there's nothing like the qualified wood floor technicians at UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing in Tampa and the surrounding areas.


Taking care of wood floors requires a little bit of attention to keep them clean and free from damage. You need to:

  1. Sweep or dust mop daily, to keep dirt and other rough particles from scratching the finish.
  2. Damp mop sparingly, and only with wood-safe products. Please avoid products that promise to make your floor shiny again. You can get waxy buildup from them!
  3. Renew the finish as needed. Many floors may need refinishing within two to four years, depending on the traffic and the amount of damage the finish sustains.

Cleaning & Wood Floor Refinishing Tampa

Taking care of your floors is important so that they remain in excellent condition. UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa knows how to clean hardwood, parquet, and engineered wood floors. Our professional wood floor cleaning process will remove embedded dirt from the surface of the floor, while making your floors gleam. We only use the best wood safe products for your wood floor cleaning projects.

When it comes to refinishing, your hardwood flooring is in the best of hands. We offer two different refinishing processes to be able to renew any floor. For scuffs and scratches in the existing finish, we offer a buff and recoat, and apply a brand new layer of polyurethane to protect your floor.

A full refinishing involves sanding the floor to bare boards, completely removing the original finish. This method will remove scratches, dents and gouges, as well as surface stains. Then we will take the time to apply two separate layers of polyurethane, giving them time to dry in between, for a flawless finish guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Wood Floors & Water Damage

Has your wood floor been water damaged? Water damage restoration is our specialty, so you can count on us to fix it. Call us as soon as you discover the mess. It is important to start structural drying immediately. If you leave your floor to dry on its own, the boards can buckle, cup, and swell, leaving you with an uneven mess.

You can trust that we will use state-of-the-art, powerful and effective extraction equipment on your floors. We can measure the amount of moisture in your floors, and dry them out completely.

Please note: structural drying should be done immediately, to prevent permanent damage to the floors.

We do an excellent job with wood floor refinishing, and we can help you with projects of any size. Our prices are always affordable, and we will be happy to give you a free estimate, anytime. Call UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa today at 813-569-0789.

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