Furniture Cleaning

A room looks good if the furniture as well as its carpets are kept free of dirt and accumulated dust. Just like the carpets, furniture also tends to get dirty and dusty. Dirt can sink into upholstery and give a very shabby appearance to your interiors. Imagine walking into a room which is furnished with worn out sofas and dusty furniture. To save your home and furniture from looking badly maintained, you need to get it cleaned professionally by the UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa furniture cleaning service.

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa offers cleaning services for carpets, rugs and upholstery, with excellent results from both hot water extraction and dry cleaning methods. Using professional quality carpet cleaning equipment and machines, we clean your carpet and furniture without any hassles. Contact us for a free estimate at 813-569-0789.


Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture is extra tough, but it needs regular cleaning and moisturizing to keep it from drying out and getting damaged. Dry leather can peel, crack, and rip. While this damage cannot be reversed, it can be prevented with the Carpet Cleaning Tampa leather cleaning service. We also can provide leather and vinyl upholstery cleaning in yachts and boats.

Upholstery Cleaning AKA Sofa Cleaning

Of all the types of furniture, sofas, recliners, sectionals, and chairs, UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa is asked to most often about sofa cleaning. The fabric upholstery on sofas spends a lot of time in contact with skin, hair, pets, children, and food and drink residues. They can get pretty grimy, with skin oil, dead skin flakes, dust, dust mites, dander, pollen, and bacterial or microbial elements. These foreign bodies can irritate asthma as well as allergies. Keeping furniture clean can be the first step towards a healthy indoor environment.

We offer different cleaning methods for different upholstery fabrics. Cotton, polyester, microfiber, velvet - all of these fabrics may require individualized care and cleaning. We deliver excellent furniture cleaning service and assure you of 100% satisfaction. We do not ask for furniture to be moved and prefer to clean them wherever they are placed originally.

There is no harmful residue left behind after our cleaning processes.

So if you want to get the 'as-good-as-new' feeling, call UCM Carpet Cleaning of Tampa for all of your furniture cleaning requirements. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Sofa and Furniture Treatment
Upholstery Deep Cleaning
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